We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Drive By Home Buyers.

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“Jake was absolutely, hands down amazing to work with. He helped me and my family so much! 10/10 will recommend! Thanks”

“I am a newbie investor and found Drive By Home Buyers on Facebook. Jake helped me purchase my 1st investment property in South Bend, Indiana that I plan to fix up over the summer and list on the market with the investor friendly realtor Jake referred me to. Was a very easy and smooth process Jake helped me every step of the way excited to have connected with this company I plan to do a lot more business with them!”

Extremely easy to work with them, I loved the way they explained everything to me and walked me through every step I needed to take. They were excellent in supplying me with ample real estate knowledge as well!! 10/10 would recommend!! – Nicholas Purinton

Drive by home buyers is professional and knowledgeable in what they do! I am so thankful to have met this group and I look forward to working with them again! I definitely recommend them, they did their best to help me given my situation and they will help you too! – Aaron Shalwani

Great company to work with if you are into investment through home and property purchases that can bring your income whether rental or flip this is a good company. I am a new investor and Alex helped me a lot. Even though my investment was not very significant he was very helpful and treated me like his other big shot clients. – Adam Selhorst

Alex, Jake, and Lewis are all so kind and dedicated to achieving client satisfaction. I really recommend Drive By Home Buyers when needing a fresh start. They all listen, understand, and apply my needs In their work to exactly what I am interested in. Working with them & their amazing personalities makes the whole process so much easier. They are all very knowledgeable in real estate and in finding the right match per client. – Hedyeh Hajirnia

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